Thursday, September 17, 2015

A New BAMF Chief

The head of Germany's immigration and refugee bureau (agency), Manfred Schmidt, gave notice that he's leaving, for personal reasons.

To be honest, for almost a year, BAMF has been under some intense pressure.  They had roughly 550 personnel and when the incoming numbers were around 100,000 to 200,000 (2010 numbers)....this group could handle the flow of paperwork.  You could usually get approved or disapproved in a matter of four to six some unusual cases going up to three months.  This past twelve months....with significant numbers going on....very few people could get their paperwork approved or disapproved in 90 days, and most were going up to six or seven months.

When Schmidt did finally say 'enough' and got permission to was to add 2,000 to the agency.  What was quietly admitted after that point....they really needed roughly 6,000 on top of the 2,000.  These two thousand new employees are supposed to be arriving now, and some improvements ought to be noticed within four to six weeks.  More employees later?  I'm guessing if they don't make a serious dent in the time situation within a couple of months.....yeah, they might hire another 2,000 extra on top of this 2,000.

German bureaucracy is such....that various department chiefs within this newly enhanced group.....probably are frustrated and hostile over the new folks coming in and getting 'power' or significant authority without having spent time in the old formated agency.

Schmidt had been there for five years and seen the growth of 'customers', felt the anxiety of pressure from the Berlin leadership, and tried to motivate his people to find new ways of doing business.  My guess is that Merkel would like to bring in someone fresh....from outside of the agency....and try to improve the timelines for immigration.  It'll be curious who she picks, and how long they last in the job.

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