Sunday, September 27, 2015

An Unusual Protest on Saturday

We had one of the more unusual protests that you could Wiesbaden.  Somewhere between two and three thousand hunters and fishermen showed hunting or fishing gear, and did a couple hours of protests and walking.

The protest?  Well.....the local news (our regional network of HR here in Hessen) carried some reporting on the topic of the upset outdoorsmen.  There's been some efforts by the Green Party to trim back hunting and it's gotten some folks bit disturbed.

One of the things which has gotten put out in public information is that the fox population here in Hessen has increased in massive numbers over the past three decades due the anti-rabies vaccination being applied.  As the hunters kinda point out.....this wonderful advancement on medicine.....led to more foxes being around and hunting rabbits at a higher rate.  If the hunters don't respond to the higher population of'll harm in a drastic way the rabbit population.

One of the odd things that I came across in reading up on all of this.....there's a hunting reference in the German Constitution (the Basic Law).  It basically guarantees hunters their fundamental rights to least within reason.

The key agenda of the hunters in terms of the protests?

They want hunting rights it's written into the Basic Law.  They want hunting seasons left intact and unchanged.  It's songbirds ground-nest birds which are in danger and might need more 'help'.  The hunters say there ought to be a longer hunting period for wild geese.  Deer feeding should continue on with no changes.  The hunters want to keep some distance from hedge critters and rare animals.

The effect of the protest march?  Well....they got seen, and at least got a couple of minutes on the regional news.  I'm guessing that they will be talking to political figures from all parties and getting some platform from each group.  Green support can be discounted....they've already gotten their platform.

It might be an interesting episode to watch develop.


Charlie Horse 47 said...

Maybe they need to introduce something to kill the wild and crazy foxes (besides cars) instead of shooting them? Just rebuild the whole ecosystem instead of blasting the varmints with a gun to weed them out.

R Hammond said...

Sorry Charlie, but even if you didn't blast the Foxes.....they'd just expand and eat off more and more rabbits, until you had a major problem with no rabbits around. There's no such thing, as some professor tried to convince me years ago of the new concept of letting everything "go". Eventually, one predator will kill off all of these food-items, and progress up the chain or move onto another valley, until there's just nothing to eat or hunt. Somewhere in this mess, there's some number and some balance....and sadly....hunters figure into both things.

Note, wolves are back into Hessen now....and people are asking stupid questions about them. It'll eventually get hectic and trigger some kind of German chaos.