Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Klockner Moment

The prime CDU candidate running the Rhineland Pfalz campaign (March 2016)....came up today and commented over the Muslim issue again.  Julia Klockner commented that teachers from the Pfalz have told her that this new crowd of Islamic boys are simply refusing to listen to female German teachers.

Then she tossed in the comment that the fathers of these young gentlemen....when asked to come to a parent-teacher session....would come but wanted to hear from the male teacher at the school and not the female teacher.

From my experience (my son being in the German system) was best never to test any teacher....male or female....or their authority.  They'd find forty-different ways to screw you over, possibly have you repeat a school year, or get dismissed from the school and have to wander around the region to find another school to accept you.

Frankly, Germans don't screw around much on teacher authority.  If these guys have arrived and gotten themselves settled into language classes and gotten a job.....they might want to look around because females bosses or bureaucrats are in abundance.  This is one of those countries where women figured out the way ahead and are successful.

As for Klockner for a candidate?  She's figured the magical message to take to public in the Pfalz for spring of 2016.  The SPD may have trouble countering her game.  As for the national CDU folks in Berlin having heartburn with this message?  Yeah, that might be a problem.  But frankly, Klockner isn't talking to them....she's taking the message straight to the public in the Pfalz.

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