Saturday, September 19, 2015

Illegal Entry and Immigration: US versus Germany

The differences between the US behavior and the German behavior on refugees and illegal entry?

1.  The US wouldn't change a single law or bring this up in Congress.  The President would just order all federal agencies to look the other way.  Germans would want it to all be legal and by the letter of the law that they wrote.  If the German law has failures, the Germans would actually go to the Bundestag to change the law.

2.  The US wouldn't worry about housing, period.  There might have been some 'camps' made for the El Salvadorians in the 1980s, but presently just walk into the US and find some relative to settle in with.  The Germans worry about housing....up one side and down the other.  It consumes funding and gets journalists all hyper when the housing isn't sanitary or up to the expectations of people.

3.  The general public in the US want a fence or wall built.  The US political apparatus (doesn't matter which party)....does not want to engage on the talk about fences or walls.  The general public in Germany goes ballistic when you bring any discussion of a wall or fence.

4.  The general news media in the US thinks any immigration in the or a good thing.  The general news media in Germany thinks any immigration into or a good thing.

5.  The general draw for large legal or illegal immigration in the for low-income wage earners to take up jobs that Americans won't do for the current wage.  A growing segment of Germans are coming to this same belief and conclusion....although the business heads deny this.

6.  No one in the US knows how many illegal immigrants are in the country.  Germans require paperwork and identification for employment or 'status' situation someone (who may not want to discuss the matter) knows precisely how many people have entered Germany.  If you ask the local mayor of some German town how many residents he has.....he's 99-percent confident in the number that his city clerk gives him.  In the US, no mayor can be sure of anything.

7.  The only way in the US for the public to challenge the current immigration to have an election and fire political figures.  The only way in Germany for the public to challenge the current immigration to have an election and fire political figures.

8.  There are segments of the US where illegal immigrants are welcomed and the locals are accepting of the situation.  There are also segments of the US where new immigrants are not welcomed.  The same can be true for Germany.

9.  School systems in the US have severe problems in handling the flow of new immigrant students.  Money from the federal government does not cover this type of cost, and it's tossed to the state and local government to cover.  School systems in Germany have a problem in handling the language issue and while the money might flow from the federal government to the state....the question of where you will find accredited and competent teachers in a hasty fashion in Germany....remains to be seen.

10.  In the US, the federal government doesn't pay much of anything for the illegal immigrants....not to the state or local level.  In Germany, the states and cities are poking the Berlin-crowd and demanding money to cover costs.  Every service in Germany.....relates to a bill and someone expects the German federal government to pay for it.

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