Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Last Night's ARD Report on Refugees

Channel One (ARD), our big state-run network here in Germany.....ran a news-show last night entitled "The Refugee Report: The Story of the First".  It was roughly an hour and covered the spectrum of topics that an average guy would ask about the entire crisis occurring right now.  A slant?  Well....they tried hard to keep it level and just facts.....but there were probably a dozen-odd slants in the piece and were tied to get weepy-eyed or feeling bad for the refugee crowd in general.

They did put a number or two into the report that hadn't been seen before.  For the first six months of 2015.....they finally noted that roughly 30-percent of the 500,000 (more or less) that had come into Germany....were Balkan's folks, and if you look at their numbers on visa-passage.....roughly one to two percent of these folks will ever get approved.  Oddly, to reach the disapproval point with the economic refugees of the Balkans.....it takes around four to six months.  So, a German not grasp this....if he were looking at that their slides (they didn't connect the facts oddly enough).....but there's probably 150,000 folks who should have stayed a max of ten days and been sent home.

Another hidden note in the report is roughly twenty-percent of the refugees for the first half of 2015.....are African and unless you are in a war-zone......you don't get a visa, but you get to wait four to six months for your disapproval.  Do the math, and you end up with 100,000 African guys from various countries.....just sitting there....consuming German support and funding, along with health protection.....waiting for disapproval and a plane-ticket home.

They were kinda fair and at least gave two or three minutes to the anti-refugee crowd.  I think in some ways that they wanted to be able to say that they shared opposition feelings on the topic.

Oddly, as they sold the viewer on these poor economic refugees......a smart German would have asked at some point.....if there are eighty million people in economic distress around the world....and want to come to Germany.....where is the open, close and locked function of this marvelous door, and why would you limit the eighty million from entering Germany to fix their problem in life?  Why reward some and not others?

I would strongly recommend watching the news program....it's on the ARD site and available to watch on data-streaming.  It does a decent job in talking over the basic story and bringing you to some simple facts.

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