Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"On the Run"

I sat and watched 3SAT (one of the lesser state-run networks in Germany) last night.  Usually, if you watch state-run do ARD or ZDF....or your regional channel.  3SAT is this national channel which does documentary pieces and older repeats.

The show I watched?  "On the Run".  A documentary concluded in 2015.

Somehow, the documentary team got this idea.  They would do a refugee-like documentary, but weave some old German guy who escaped the Russian advance into Germany in WW II.....into another separate story of a Syrian gal who escaped and came to Germany in the last year as a refugee.  Yeah, it was created in some odd way to get your feelings settled on helping refugees....complete with WW II video, interviews, and music always in the background.

It was a masterpiece in some ways as they cut back and forth and tried to relate the old German guy's refugee situation to the Syrian gal's refugee situation.  Lots of video usage and woeful tale situations.

On the propaganda level....I'd give it a nine-of-ten rating.  Unless you've been around such productions or seen this stuff a good won't even sit there and ask stupid questions.

How many people watched it?  Well, that's the curious thing.  3SAT isn't exactly a network pick for ninety-percent of Germans.....just in general.  There are twenty-five year old Germans who would readily admit.....they've never watched the network in their entire life.  Me?  I probably watch six to ten hours a year off the network.  I'd take a guess for last night's immigration theme documentary.....there weren't more than a quarter-million Germans who watched it.

Will this help ensure the support for refugees?  If you were a refugee supporter will continue on.  If you were anti-refugee, you probably turned the documentary off about twenty minutes into the show.  Nothing changed your my humble view.  That's the harsh reality for the pro-refugee crowd.....they think that productions like this will change people's perception of the issue, and it rarely works that way.

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