Monday, September 28, 2015

Pfalz Politics

While state-run TV is obviously keeping some distance.....print-media is covering the Rhineland Pfalz CDU chief.....Julia Klockner and her comments on immigration issues.


"The Basic Law is not a vendor's tray from which you can cherry-pick."

"The Basic Law was not a vendor's tray which you can pick individual raisins: Anyone who relies on Article 16 (religious freedom), must also accept the other 145 products."

This was delivered in commentary to Bild and they featured them this morning in the newspaper.

At the national level in Berlin.....there's not any criticism leveled at Klockner yet and I suspect she's got a fair amount of room to roam and make some harsh comments.  State election in the Pflaz is still six months away and it'll a curious election with only one real election topic (refugees).

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