Monday, September 28, 2015

Rough Play

Sometime this morning....over in Halle (a significant city in Germany in the eastern side of the country).....around opening time at the local welfare office (Sozialamt).....things got a bit tense.

From what the various news outlets are reporting....roughly three hundred people showed up and were crowding the front door.....wanting to get paid their social benefits.

At some point, roughly a hundred of the folks got a bit physical with the private security guards at the door.  Some rough play started up and the four private security guys were slightly injured.  No one says to what extent but they ended up calling the real cops and they restored order in the building.

It is almost the end of the month and I imagine that most folks at the end of the cultural spectrum are practically out of money and hoping to get the October payment now.  Toss in private security folks who might use some tough language and have expectations of orderly conduct with people on short tempers.....and you got a potential mess.

As much as Germans claim that life is mostly calm and orderly....I wouldn't exactly say that's the normal way of life in Germany.

You could bump into any number of German characters at a train station or in a pub district.....with violent intent on their mind, and not clearly thinking about consequences in their mind.

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