Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sarrazin Speaks

In August of 2010.....the SPD Party in Germany held a meeting with the leadership of the party and decided to review the idea of kicking out a member.....Thilo Sarrazin.  It took roughly nine months and they came to the decision that he could remain around in the Party.....but he wasn't going to be invited to conferences or play much of a role.

In some ways.....they were chasing away the one member of the SPD who the public had a genuine affection for.  If you were looking for someone with brain-power, common sense, and an articulate ability to debate at any level.....Sarrazin was the guy.

This act by the SPD?  It occurs after Sarrazin's book came out...."Germany Abolishes Itself".  Oddly, it was the most popular political book of the past decade.  People talked about his judgement, and his reflections upon where the government was screwing up.  Around this period of 2010....if you lined up a hundred Germans who read the book....the majority would say that they readily agreed with his thoughts.

The SPD's belief was that he was going in an anti-social direction, and suggesting some radical view.

Sarrazin came out today and had a couple of brief responses to the refugee crisis.

First, he thinks that there needs to be a simplified procedure.....if you fit into a profile of being stay.  If you are a economic refugee, you go.....rather quickly.  As he the current wording.....eighty percent of the world could probably show up and ask for refugee status, and there's no way that Germany could handle that.

Second, he thinks Greece should be forced to do more about the border situation.  Since Germany hasn't paid out the bulk of the loan money.....he thinks you need to use the money to encourage them to do more.

Third, he thinks the whole concept currently used for the border a failure.

Fourth and final....he comes to the national state-run TV news media.  In a pretty simple comment....he notes that it's a 'emotional and completely one-sided media' message that the state-run news folks is putting out.  He suggests that the news media can't be trusted any longer.  He even notes that the general negativity that the news media suggests is limited to only Saxony.....isn't that limited and exists throughout Germany.

Why his comments matter?  I would take a guess that roughly fifty percent of the German public (those leaning right-wing and left-wing).....generally agree with Sarrazin's thoughts.  He is a populist-thinker and while the intellectual and political players dislike him.....the public generally supports his thoughts.   If he is saying this.....I'd take a guess that it's more than a few Germans who feel the same way.

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