Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Syrian "Solution"

For several years, things up in Duisburg, Germany (a town west of Dortmund.....on the northwestern side of Germany) have been heating up.  For some odd reason.....with older houses and apartments around.....a new crowd over the last decade moved in....mostly eastern Europeans (Romanians, Bulgarians and Gypsies).

What the locals will say is that things in Duisburg have got negative and even the cops won't really enforce the laws.  Some say the cops are afraid to ride around the city after dark.  If there's a call to some ethnic neighborhood.....they have to go in force and have a plan to move in quickly and get the job done....then leave ASAP.

The mayor came out in the last day and made this statement which angers political figures and probably won't be featured by the news media (especially Channel One or Two).  He basically said.....he'd like to have a lot of Syrians come to his area.  He thinks, with all the problems that he's got....the Syrians would help to clean up the mess that the east Europeans are leaving on the German door-step.

The news media (especially the state-run TV news folks) would prefer that this kind of talk doesn't get mentioned to the public.

You see, there is a growing anxiety among regular Germans (not the intellectuals, or the political dimwits, or the ultra-rich).....that crime is increasing.  Robberies, theft, break-ins, and assault....are topics that regular Germans will now bring up on a daily basis.

It's an odd thing.  The news folks from your local town or region.....will at least talk about this, although not in detail.  They have no's public information and people want to know about what's going on in the region.

So, when you read this usually comes to a description....southern European or eastern European.

Naturally, you'd (as the American or non-German) jump up and say that it must be Muslims or Syrians or Iraqis at work.....robbing folks.  Well...NO.  That's simply not the case.  Oddly, you don't find Syrian gangs or Iraqi gangsters at work in Germany.  A shocker, huh?

What gangs you find....are from eastern Europe.  The accents, the arrested notes from the cops.....all lead to people who aren't Islam or Syrian.

So, this mayor of Duisburg has said something that will get political folks all negative....asking for more Syrians and hinting that the Syrians will take care of the security problem in Duisburg.

Frankly, the folks up in Duisburg are waiting on some miracle.  The Berlin folks aren't going to come and rescue them.  The cops aren't going to bulk up and do the job necessary.  The political folks in the local city need something of a radical change to occur.  Adding a couple thousand Syrians to the local population....might reshuffle the deck and unnerve the criminal elements a bit.  Syrians put up a decent fight against Assad and ISIS.  They aren't exactly thrilled with a new threat, but if they were readily accepted in Duisburg, and the neighbors needed a 'helping-hand' (the term we'd use in America).....then the Syrians would be mighty fine neighbors to have around.

It's hard to predict what will happen here, but maybe something odd will occur, and we might be shocked how things turn out in Duisburg.

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