Sunday, September 13, 2015

The UK Labor Party Shift

For those who haven't paid much attention over the past seventy-two hours to the BBC or UK news services....there's been a meeting and vote within the Labor Party (the UK version of the US Democratic Party).  They generally have an election to pick a figure-head who argues against the Prime Minister and does the big speeches for the party.

Within the Labor Party, you can generally say that there are four divisions.  Those leaning slightly right of center (a small element of 10-percent), those in the center (probably 20-percent of the membership), those on the slight left of the center (40-percent), and then the far-far-left group (probably 30-percent).  In most of these leadership votes over the past forty's a guy from the center or the left-of-center to get the role of leading the party.

In this election.....the voting went in an odd way, with sixty-percent on the public voting....going for the far-far-left guy (Jeremy Corbyn).  Within a couple of least seven of the top figures in the party had resigned or quit.

In some ways, as reported by some of the news media.....there weren't quiet as many people voting as normal, and the unusual amount of enthusiasm for radical changes got tossed around by the public.

What'll happen over the next year or two?  I'm guessing around a quarter of the public who were members of the Labor Party.....will drift off to find another party fits their position.  Elections will eventually occur and trigger people to ask why fewer people are voting with Labor.  The problem for some people is that the only party that is near the current Labor the Liberal Democrats (which were fairly radical to some folks to start with).  The Green Party?  Oddly, they may gain some of the former Labor Party members.

If you were looking for entertaining debate.....things just went up a notch and it might be time to watch a bit of BBC on occasion.

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