Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday Evening Action

A big meeting ended in Berlin late last night.....covering 4.5 hours.  Chancellor Merkel did a live update at the end (after 11PM).  The attendees?  The Chancellor, a majority of the state prime ministers, and the BAMF Chief (the guy in charge of the immigration cycle).

There's some understanding and some holes left in the way ahead.

The Chancellor says there will be 40,000 refugee greeting points in Germany.  No one explained what exactly they mean by this, the actual requirement, or the cost factor.  One might assume this is an advertised point in each significant town where you as a refugee could walk in....proclaim yourself....get identified and paperwork started.....get some food....and someone would help to find you a temporary camp to fit into.

They all kinda agreed that there's a bunch of details left on the table and will be discussed again on 24 another such meeting.

There was the hint that the Bundeswehr will play a more active role and provide manpower for the requirements in the future.  Logistically.....the German Army should have been brought in months ago and could have better organized all of these situations.  But then the cost factor would have been a federal issue and Berlin would have had to cover every single nickel themselves.....instead of playing catch-up with the individual states.

It should be pointed that one strong comment came from within the meeting....over the cost factor.  Every single extra day-care person or extra teacher hired for the refugees.....cost more money, and the states want that cash to flow straight to  Berlin has continued to act for months and months....that the crisis is a non-cost situation.

At some point yesterday.....ARD sat down with the top journalist at the EU headquarters and did an indepth interview.  Rolf-Dieter Krause is a fairly decent journalist who gives you the full picture and doesn't slant much of anything.  He's a throw-back to the 1950s style of journalism.

In simple words....he says this crisis among the EU states is bigger and potentially more dangerous for the future of the EU, than the Greek episode in late spring/early summer.  He hints at one point, the EU is there for common benefits among themselves, but there's this second thing existing....common 'loads'.  Germany needs some help by the other EU get out of this mess.  If they won't could harm EU relations for a long time.

If you watch the news kinda note that they avoid discussing the 28-member split, and the numbers for helping Germany or standing against them.  I kinda find it odd.  Back in the Greek crisis was quietly laid out that only three nations were standing against German when they put their plan up to handle the problem.  Germany had 24 EU members supporting them.  Now?  Silence by the news media on the numbers for the immigration topic.  It makes you think it's more than just six to ten members.

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