Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1.5 Million, More or Less

Several German news sources came out yesterday with a shocker.....the immigrant/refugee number for 2015....which they kept saying back in August that it'd be around 850,000.....well, it'll hit 1.5 million.  The government has argued that it's not a true number but they aren't saying how they've upgraded the 850,000 number.

If you look over at state-run TV (Channel One or Two)....they've done a massive flip on refugee news.  On most nights....there might still be one single item and 45 seconds of some notes.  This occurred around the period when the VW-diesel episode came up and nobody really noticed the sudden drop in coverage (it was up to four or five minutes of fifteen minute period for national news at night).

Some hostility brewing?  The public is divided.  There's a fair number of German society which is peeved and simply not accepting the Berlin agenda on how this is handled.  I'd take a guess that it's around forty-percent which is against the current program and political statement.  In some ways, it's worrisome because it could trigger significant government changes via voting patterns in 2016 (five total state elections coming up).

Here's the other big worry.  We aren't done with immigrants or refugees at the end of 2015.  It'll still continue on, and you have to start thinking of 2016 and how many more will come.  You also have to wonder about the breaking point where states just say they won't accept anymore, and demand a Berlin meeting with consequences laid back on them.

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