Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A New Certificate Requirement?

Bear with me.....but it's not that simple to tell this story.

There's this new German law.....effective as of 1 November 2015.  It involves renters and landlords.

So, you rent from Huns an apartment and have been there for any amount of time.....doesn't matter if it's ten years or ten hours.  You decide to move.  Huns has to now give you a certificate which indicates: name of landlord, address of the old property, the date that you are moving out, and you the renter's name.

He gives you the renter this, and then you are set to move.

As you go to the new village or new MUST present this certificate. It should presented within seven days of your arrival in the new village or city.  A handful of cities go up to two weeks....but it's a very small number that go that far.

Failure on your part to present this certificate as you register?  1,000 Euro.  Failure on the landlord to give you the certificate?  1,000 Euro.

The odds of fake certificates occurring?  Well, I sat and read through the whole article, and no one mentions this concept.  I hate to say it.....but no one in Germany has a listing of all residences and who rents them presently or such.  You could make up a fake certificate....hand it to the city clerk and they have no idea if it's legit or not.

Why create this type of requirement?  No one says much.  They act like it's a necessity to track people and the threat of this 1,000 Euro fine will do the job for most folks.  But you could make up a bogus certificate.....forward-date the document....and show up six months after the fact if you wanted to.  I'm pretty confident that there's no audit team or detective to check things out.


Claudia said...

they want to keep track of the aliens?

R Hammond said...

I think (lacking evidence) that there are a fair number of Germans today who don't register themselves in new towns or villages. Maybe one percent....maybe two percent. Older Germans will do it as they move. Younger Germans....I'm not so sure about. My son recently moved from one town to another, and I think if my wife hadn't stressed this registration business so much to him....he might have just skipped that. If you introduce a 1,000 Euro fine, that might entice everyone to play by the rules.