Saturday, October 31, 2015

Einsteins at Work on Refugee Problem

Last night over German news....the government announced that things were really going to improve with the refugee crisis.  There's now an understanding (not exactly written and I have doubts about the strength of the deal)....that only five entry points will exist between Germany and Austria for refugees to cross.

Yes....five single points.

Later on, some Bavarian guy came on and said that secondary part of the Germany-Austria deal was that only 50 refugees per hour could cross at the five agreed points.

You can do the math....this means in a twenty-four hour'd see roughly 1,200 folks cross.  Now....if you analyze video feeds and Austrian news pieces....per day, there's likely somewhere between three and ten thousand such folks to pass out of Austria into Germany.

So, in a week or two....there's going to be this massive camp operation in Austria along each of the five entry points where thousands of refugees and immigrants are impatiently waiting for their place in the 50 people in line situation to occur.  It's a silly creation and I doubt if it lasts more than seven days.

A smart Syrian will look at this, and after walking for four weeks....will determine that if they simply walk two hours along some trail in the woods in will come to this path that crosses over into Germany.  There's probably even a "Welcome to Germany" sign there and an arrow pointing toward five optional trails.  So you pick one trail and two hours are in some train station of a small town with two German cops asking childish and meaningless questions.  You just grin and say you just magically appeared out of thin air.

Here's the best part of this whole 50 refugees an hour through five route deal.....a bunch of Berlin leaders will be able to appear on TV this week....give impressive interviews on how they handled those crazy Austrian guys and made this monumental plan up while waiting at some red light or while talking to their barber.  The reporter will grin and's all great.  And you just sit there as the audience member....wondering who is the bigger idiot of the two on the screen.

At some point, some brilliant forum chatter on network news will say the 50 people per hour idea is so successful....that we ought to allow entry on the German autobahn system by the same people get lined up and only five cars per minute can enter or exit the autobahn.

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