Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Forcing Taxes Via Air Pressure

Germans have a fee which must be paid on the TV tax (yearly, quarterly or monthly.....your pick).  You can call it a tax or whatever, but it's always coming up.  Curiously, people aren't that happy with the tax.  So, folks forget about it.

Well, they've gone and invented a new gimmick for the folks who really do forget about this tax and don't react to the one stern warning after the fact.

It's a little plastic-like device with a key.  It attaches to your air-valve on the car-tire.  It has a key mechanism to allow release, but otherwise, it's on there real tight.  As you get into the car....nothing happens.  As you drive away, it starts to 'bleed' air.  Somewhere around the half-mile point....you've got enough air out of the tire that makes the car is non-functional.  At this point, you have to call the tax guys up and arrange for some quick payment, and then start thinking over how you refill the tire after the device is removed.

This little gimmick has been introduced in the past couple of months in Germany, and there's some serious complaints about it.

A hazard?  Well, when the GEZ (TV tax) guy comes around to attach it.....he lays a card on the windshield to warn about the device and tells you how to pay your tax.  It's a government  mechanism.....so it's the local city hall or rothaus that is involved in the operation.  You can whine about it, but it's been tested legally and judges apparently don't have a problem with it's use.

Other uses?  This has been discussed and various debt companies are examining the use of the air-valve for their problems.

I looked at the picture of the device.  It's probably Chinese-made and I doubt if it costs more than ten dollars to manufacture.

Opening the door for more frustrations?  All you need is one single person with a health problem and they must use their car....only to discover the device there and someone will come to sue the GEZ folks in a different way (just my humble opinion).

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