Saturday, October 31, 2015

Germans versus Facebook versus Intolerance versus Booby Ladies

Generally, you know you are in a mess when there are three 'versuses'.

I've sat and for the last hour tried to make sense out of this Germany versus Facebook picture.

Some time in the last week, there's this German guy who is fed up with Facebook and it's inability to moderate or control intolerance (particularly against immigrants or refugees).  So, he made up this placard which has a Nazi-era slang hit on Turks.  It would be normally intolerant and quickly earn some moderation action.

His game is...he wants massive moderation.

So, he put it on Facebook and just waited.  Facebook actually reacted.  But they said....they were going to take this down....mostly because of the busty German gal behind him, and not because of the Nazi-slang talk on the placard.

From what some quick as Facebook takes down the account....someone puts up another shot.

Olli Waldhaus says: "I wanted to make people understand this Absurdistan. That's the reaction Facebooks well managed. "

Olli is the genus behind the Facebook slam and the photo.  He claims that a quarter of the adult German population and seen the picture.  I have some doubts about the claim.

This whole thing has taken up some discussion now, and is being referred over Twitter in Germany as  #nippelstatthetz.

Facebook? far, they say the photo is nude stuff and therefore can't stay up.  The intolerance angle wasn't really mentioned....I guess because boobs were enough.

 The odd thing....only because I'm a keen observer of German that you could page through Bild on most mornings (up until 2012) and find a page three gal with boobs fully exposed.....sometimes more so....sometimes less least until 2012 when Bild decided it just couldn't do it anymore.  Oddly, the German legal minds didn't even try to make a law to outlaw just was public opinion that boobs didn't matter much anymore.

If you go hang out in any German city park in's likely that you might bump into some gal on a blanket and displaying her assets.  Germans don't typically get excited much over such a display.  I noticed a couple of months ago at some Catholic Church program in France....some gals ran up and did some boob show during a Catholic deal....and the nightly news folks showed the whole thing at 8PM....with boobs in full swing.  There might have been six old guys in Bavaria who freaked out, but the other 79-odd million Germans just gazed and said almost nothing.

I don't want to say that I'm Germanized or culturally changed....but I kinda look at the placard with the intolerant slogan and the booby lady, and neither really bothers me much.  If anything, I think Olli's attempt here has proven that a number of us just don't care.


Patient X said...

The is a law in Germany against Hate Speech, you can not insult people based on race etc. Overall, Germany is not used to this level of Hate Speech in public media. Unlike the US, where the KKK has public meetings. I guess after WWII people had enough and outlawed everything, from Nazi symbols and Nazi rhetoric. That is why people are so outraged against Facebook.

With the boobs it's different. The nudist movement has a long tradition.


Germans are so sensitize to words; they must have super thin skin. Now they're going to find out the 'cause and effect' of bottling up the right; preventing them from having any breathing room within society. I appreciate the fact that, in America, people have the right to be an asshole/racist. That is true tolerance - letting assholes be assholes, and not anyone giving a fuck about them or their words.

Patient X said...

Try using the N-word, and see what happens.