Friday, October 2, 2015

Guttenberg Return

It was a short eight-line piece in German news today.

The CSU chief out of Bavaria....Seehofer....announced that he's talked Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg to come back from the US (at least in visits) and help mold the 2018 Bavaria campaign effort for the CSU.

Guttenberg was the shining star of the CDU and expected five years ago to be the one who replaced Merkel.  Then, his degree got yanked because of plagiarism issues.  He felt disgraced and left for a consultant job with a foundation.

For the opposition in Bavaria?  Well, It's bad news.  Guttenberg is sharp and if he's standing to mold the party, improve the candidates, and the party image.....he'll get the job done.....even if in the shadows.

The effect on the 2017 national race? one said much, but you have to figure that he's going to be working CSU angles for that election as well.

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