Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's DeJa Vu All Over Again

There was a point in I'd come to Washington D.C. and reached a new job....and a new landscape in life.....that I came to realize there were literally thousands of illegal aliens living and working in the D.C. shadow.

You'd go over to some Home Depot operation and there would be forty 'Juans' standing around the end of the parking lot.  If you wanted dry-wall work, carpentry work, or landscaping'd just pull up and negotiate with a 'Juan' who was illegally in the US.  Cash on the table meant that you kinda paid less than you would real American or legal labor.

I would humbly make a guess that within a twenty mile circle of D.C. on a typical Saturday....there's at least three thousand illegals working.  I worked with one guy who hired two 'Juans' who did carpet work over a weekend.  Over the weekend....they accomplished a sixteen-hour project and he figured that he saved almost $200 on manpower costs.

This morning....Focus (my German news magazine) did a fine round-up of the missing refugees.  They went down through the past week and identified a dozen-odd situations where the German authorities in various towns and states admitted that missing immigrants are increasing.....week by week.

The explanation?  Focus found this expert on such affairs....Thomas Liebig.  He says that these refugees aren't stupid.  Now that they've figured out that only the Syrians have the best chance of approval....why stay around in some stupid camp and wait for the bad news?  He suggests that they go out....find contacts....get someone to come by and pick them up. These missing refugees end up doing labor on the 'black'....just like my 'Juans' from Washington D.C.

Illegal?  Yeah.  If you hired a couple of illegals here in Germany to do a landscape job for one afternoon?  Probably a zero-percent chance that some neighbor would call the cops.  Maybe the wife fixated on divorcing you might call the cops....but it's very likely that illegals could survive for weeks and months as illegal labor.

There's over 200 restaurants in the Wiesbaden area.  I'd go and make a guess that the sanitation inspector guy might come around and hit each of those maybe once in a two-year period.  The odds that the sanitation inspector might ask for passports or visas?  Zero chance.  I've seen the reality show routine and these inspectors only care about a safe food atmosphere....not if four illegal Albanians are sitting in the kitchen and getting paid cash under the table.

All of this will lead those who are frustrated and angry over the present program to ask more stupid questions, and the Berlin crowd can't really provide anything but a grin and a promise of future talks with someone.

Somewhere down the line....five years into the future....we will all be standing there in some German train station while some cop or authority figure is asking us for our 'papers', and some scene will occur as some Albanian refugee or some Libyan illegal starts a frantic run with German cops chasing him through the station.  It'll be like some scene in the mid-1930s, and for a brief moment.....utter the French phrase....DeJa Vu.


Patient X said...

There is one big difference between illegals in the US, and illegals in Germany: in the US you can live a pretty much normal life as an illegal alien. In Germany, you can't. You will have no ID, no drivers license, no bank account, no job. And without a ID you can't rent anything. You can still hang around, but you will be miserable. Unlike the US, unless you get pulled over by the police, you live a pretty normal live.

R Hammond said...

A few weeks ago, the cops came to find this German woman who'd been declared missing and dead (German cops rarely screw up but in this case, they did)....and she's alive and apparently living in an apartment, and has some type of income. A lot of the story has been untold but it started me to review this whole idea of surviving in Germany as an illegal alien. German authorities won't discuss numbers and I get the impression that it's a loaded question. German cops don't walk around and ask people for their papers very often. In the past two years....not counting the airport experiences...I've only been asked for an ID on one occasion. In the period of 1999-to-2009, I had one single ID check by German cops/Zollamt officials. I would make a humble guess that in the city of Berlin....there probably are at least a thousand illegal aliens living with relatives or ID. They have some job on the side....a bar or cafe where they get paid in cash. So, it may not be as frequent or as large as in the US.....but I think there are tens of thousands of illegals in Germany.

Patient X said...

This is an extreme example, and no one knows how she pulled it of. As I said, you need an ID for changing your address, to open a bank account, for your drivers license, for health insurance etc. If you want to go to university, you need an ID. It's not impossible to live without an ID, but it's very difficult.