Thursday, October 1, 2015

More Klockner from the Pfalz

I noticed CDU's Rhineland Pfalz chief, Julie Klockner, is back in political news today.  She's take a step or two out....from the main theme of the Berlin CDU crowd.....noting that there's changes required for immigration in Germany.

Her five points that she outlined today?

- An obligation to get German language skills
- An obligation covering knowledge over the German legal system (Basic Law)
- Acquiring a basic introduction to German social and living conditions
- Acquiring the knowledge for basic standards and regulations (maybe she means driver's skills or the metric system)
- Finally, acquiring job skills and taking gainful employment

From the Focus article, one gets the idea that it's all great on paper, but it'll be impossible to make these work in real life.

The language skills are already mandated, and even paid to some degree by the state government.  The integration class already covers the basic intro to the German legal there's nothing new there.

I'm not sure what this social and living conditions might mean.  In fact, I know there's probably half-a-million Germans who might not pass that bar, if tested.

The job thing?  Most states already have job training programs in effect.  It's hard to say who she really wants to push this toward.

The key thing she keeps talking about is equality for women and making these incoming men realize this.  For some folks.....not necessarily the Syrians.....this is a major problem.  I'm not sure what kind of threat they can really get the attention of these folks.

All in all.....Klockner is banging away in the Pfalz and will take more votes than expected.

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