Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Rules Story

New German rules and regulations have started up over the last couple of days with asylum, immigration and refugees.  What German journalists say is that the speed of deportation has bumped up several notches now.

I sat and watched Friday night's news on ARD (state-run Channel One).  Two German political figures (opposition parties) came out and did a bit of woeful talk for the camera.

So, individual number one wanted the public to know that it was terrible to deport these people in the beginning of winter.  They avoided some Shakespearean-like description of a German bus or taxi dumping some guy or some couple off in the middle of some snow-covered plateau....but they tried to hustle up your negative view of any movement of a failed asylum-seeker in winter.

For about ten seconds I thought about this scenario.  Then it kinda hit me that last some big snow storm occurred here in my local area.....the bus got to the top of the hill of the village....then dumped everyone off.  If you wanted to make the 1.5 mile walk (in the snow) then you'd make it safely home.  Tough luck....good it whatever you desire.  You just need to grow some 'balls' and accept this as part of modern day society.

The second individual wanted you to know that moving any families with kids in school....was a bad thing, and these deportations ought to wait until June of next year when school lets out.  The idea that you'd have to sponsor this family with another 20,000 Euro in expenses and that comes out of some German's tax revenue pocket.....didn't seem to register with this political figure.

According to some data thrown around by the government back in the summer.....around seventy percent of the refugees or asylum seekers....are males above the age of eighteen.  Maybe there are a handful of families in this failed visa group.....but I'm willing to bet that we are talking about dozens of families and not thousands of families.

The truth is that Berlin and the political crowd bumbled around for almost a year before they came to agree that the old rules and regulations simply wouldn't work, and then wasted six months talking about how they'd fix them.  The general public seems to be fairly enthusiastic about this deportation business and I think when you get to political figures in local cities and counties....the front-line of operation for these camps and centers.....they really want the new rules badly.

It's a new era....more or less.


Norman Peterson said...

Yeah...between the ages of 18 and military age...Hmmmmm....

R Hammond said...

This Syrian age group thing (18-35) gets brought up and lightly discussed without much consideration of Assad's deteriorating military situation in Syria. Over the past year, because of the need for more troops....the Assad regime has been going into towns and villages....and more or less grabbing any guy who fits the be a soldier. Even guys who wrapped up their service deal ten years ago...they are potentially drafted on the spot and sent to a unit. Families viewed this new problem and started to move their male family members (18 to 35) out of the region...some went to Jordan....some to Turkey...but I suspect the bulk of them are in some line for Germany. Face it...either you get recruited by Assad, ISIS, or some anti-Assad revolutionary group if you stay. Given this's smarter to leave. I generally believe that if Assad and ISIS were dissolved from the picture....the bulk of all these Syrian refugees would strongly consider returning to Syria. But the longer that this current situation continues...the less likely that this will occur.