Sunday, October 18, 2015


Between now and March of 2016.....there's going to be a small fury of political talk in three German states, as state elections occur in mid-March of next year.  The topic will center mostly on immigration and refugees.

The party which might be in the middle of this and leaning more toward more regulation and decreasing immigration?  AfD, the Alternate Party for Deutschland.

Currently, Frauke Petry is the national person for the AfD and will likely be called into some political chat forums to comment upon the platform of the party.

It should be noted.....presently....AfD is like number six down on the party significance list in Germany.  For the last big national election, AfD barely got 4.7 percent of the national vote (roughly two million Germans voted for them).

With only AfD showing some nature to go anti-immigration.....Petry's background will be of some interest.

Like Merkel, she grew in the east....Brandenburg.  Like Merkel, she has a degree in science (chemistry).  Like Merkel, she has a doctoral degree.  Like Merkel, she is connected to a minister's family (her husband is a minister).

Petry has owned her own business....done well with it (polyurethane tire fill product line).

Some idiots may be sitting there and analyzing the heck out of her thesis (2004), entitled Characterization of a novel ATP-binding-cassette transporter of the ABCA subfamily.  Science stuff? the maximum extent possible and probably bringing tears to the eyes of the audit guy trying to slam her for plagiarism somewhere.  She's not an idiot, and might have written a grand-slam thesis project that can't be dragged out to haunt her past.

All of this brings up state politics in the Pfalz, Saxsen-Anhalt, and Baden-Wurtemberg, with the mix of how AfD and Petry might fit into regional politics and immigration talk.

The general problem is that each state will have a AfD candidate who is the regional face, and AfD can't be that sure that their individual for each of the three states is a four-star type political figure.  Petry will be on the platform of each state and give speeches behind each of the party figures running for the state mechanism.  It would be a shocker if AfD crosses the ten-percent point on all three states and if one of the states were to be a AfD win.   I think the national news people would be go into utter shock if such an evening were to occur like that.

Germans freaking out and talking of a 1932 type return?  Well, you'd likely hear numerous talking heads appear on state-run TV forums and talk up some mythical resemblance of AfD to Nationalist Socialists.  The problem is.....these are the same talking heads that appeared in 2014/2015 and didn't see the suggested problems with large refugee episodes or public discontent with the Berlin program, or talk much over the cost implications of a unchained or a uncontrolled refugee program.

As much as the talking heads might be right.....they were totally wrong in assuming the public would not react in some radical fashion.

The Petry position?  Germans like scientist-like people in the role of politician.  They like a person who clearly states a position or platform in sixty seconds.  They like clarity and transparency.  Petry might end up in a national discussion for 2016.

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