Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Organic Burger That Never Was

The organic McDonalds hamburger hit the market in Germany over the past couple of weeks.  Yesterday, Focus came out with a brief news item on the new burger.

You see....while the advertising is correct and all 'legal'.  There's this one problem.

From the prospective of the whole burger (the bun, the ketchup, the pickle, the sauce, etc).....it's NOT organic.  Some people suggested that would be the case back six weeks ago when I chatted about this. ONLY the beef is organic.

Where this goes?  It'll get talked about by people.....laughed upon.....and quietly the new and nifty organic McDonalds hamburger will probably go through an introduction phase and then introduced out of the menu.

Someone will note that it was a good idea.....just ahead of it's time.

Germans.....oddly.....are getting deeper and deeper into this organic and nutritional episode.  My village grocery has a fairly decent organic vegetable and fruit area as you enter the place.  The public has embraced the idea.

Could McDonalds go entirely organic?  That's the curious thing.  If you look around.....prices have stabilized over the past year and a lot of the organic items have almost gotten to the same level as mom-organic.  If they had a couple of smart guys in the logistical field and looked around Poland or Hungary.....I think they could easily find some dedicated sources for organic ketchup, pickles or buns.....and just go one-hundred-percent toward organic on the menu.  It'd be a shocker that you can't buy an non-organic item at McDonalds.....but here in Germany, they'd probably accept this rather quickly and might not noticed a five-percent increase in price to cover the difference.

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