Monday, October 26, 2015

The 'Whole-Body' Camera Shot

It's almost of no significance to me and I'd laugh over this being stated as some policy change....but today, our Channel One (ARD) folks here in Germany stood up and said that you will be able in the future to view the nightly news guy.....from head to toe.....something that has not happened with the 8:00 nightly news for sixty-three years.

For sixty-three had a nice tight camera angle shot where you saw the guy or gal with just the top portion of their body.  For a long time, it was required for them to hold a copy of their text....even though a monitor was in front of them and providing a view of the text.

This change revolves around some research project where they tested the idea and decided that the "whole-body culture" news show added to the perception of the German viewer.

For the 9:45 evening news folks on the same network?  Well, they've had this whole-body culture in place for a couple of years.

A silly thing for them to discuss and make into a discussion item?  After you've watched the 8:00 news on ARD for a's distinctively German in terms of organization and layout.  It's like a well-built Mercedes or a German nuke's geared toward everything happening the same way....each and every night. There can be no mistakes or twists to a daily production.

A big deal?  I would kinda shake my head and say it doesn't really matter much.  Maybe they did waste a thousand hours of time studying the idea and testing this with audiences.

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