Sunday, November 29, 2015

End of a Show

There are probably a dozen political-chat forum shows on Germany's Channel One (ARD) and Channel Two (ZDF).  They all have different themes....differing slants.....clashing styles....and contrasting moderator egos.

Tonight will end ARD's production of the Gunther Jauch chat forum show.  There will have been roughly 157 episodes made over a four year period.  If you were looking for be-all and do-all chat-forums.....this was it....the Sunday night show at 9:45.

It would run for roughly sixty minutes and center on the key event of the week affecting Germans.  He'd have five or six guests from the entire spectrum.....journalists, politicians, intellectuals, entertainers, and sometimes just throw in a regular person.

After watch several hundred similar shows in the US and a dozen-odd forums here in Germany.....he's the only guy that just asked regular questions that people at home would like to have asked and answered.  I admit.....sometimes.....he never got a real answer from the guest but at least he asked the question and tried to get the guy to stand up to it.

I will add that his cynical side showed up on occasions and he would deliver some moment of humor when someone said something totally outrageous.

One of the abilities he did demonstrate.....was as he asked someone a question....he allowed them to answer it without interrupting the person.  There are various moderators with CNN, Fox News, and NPR....who will only allow you to get ten words in before they want to interrupt you.  After they've done it five times in an either hit the 'mute' button or you change the channel because it's not really a forum or an interview.

What happens now in this time-spot?  They will continue the trend of another chat-forum, with a journalist by the name of Anne Will.  Whether or not it's of the same of no concern.  People are used to some major political chat-forum on Sunday evenings and it is a part of German culture.  I would take a guess that one out of every eight German adults watch the Sunday evening show.

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