Sunday, November 29, 2015

Germany and Songs

They ran the top fifty tunes/songs of Germany chart show on Friday night.  I sat for three hours watching it.

There used to be this trend where several American artists (like Madonna, Michael Jackson, or Fleetwood Mac) controlled the German spectrum and you could expect twenty of the fifty to be American tunes.  That trend.....appears to have gone by the side.....very few American tunes make it into the top fifty listing now.

There's this other odd trend that became obvious by the end of the show.  I'd say at least a third of all the tunes in the top fifty.....were orchestrated by some DJ, who teamed with singer with a voice.

The DJ situation will run like this.....the guy sits around and is looking for a 'beat'.  He'll eventually come to find this twenty-second beat and then look for six to ten lines of text.  Then he'll find someone with a voice to do the remaining connection.  The twenty-second beat will repeat itself until you come to the end of the song (or what you think is a song).

These DJ tunes are popular in nightclubs (Discos are mostly dead in Germany now), and the radio stations have to lean heavily toward these club tunes because of listener preferences.

All of this leads album labels or a limited profit operation.  If you walk into a media shop (Saturn or Media Markt for example), there just aren't that many people buying tunes in physical form (CD's, tapes, etc).  People download or record off a local radio station for their smart-phone.  In terms of hard cash....the group or singer or DJ is mostly making the big money off their shows, concerts, or TV appearances.

If you were around in'd probably be shocked at the tunes market of today.

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