Friday, November 20, 2015

More on the American Arms Episode

A couple of days ago, I commented on the American Arms Hotel of Wiesbaden (the former US Army hotel in town) which was approved and being fixed up for refugee housing.

Well....from late yesterday afternoon in Wiesbaden, the mayor came out at a public meeting and chatted on this topic.

You see.....from his speech....up until late summer, the city of Wiesbaden had a plan in effect to transform the old American Arms Hotel into student housing (mostly for kids seventeen and older) and have a small assortment of shops, cafes, etc.....that were connected to the property in town.

By late summer however, the state of Hessen had a significant requirement put upon them over refugee housing and in the ranking game.....the state came ahead of the city.....and the property flipped to refugee housing instead of student housing.

As for the new plan?  The facility will be used for roughly 1,000 refugees and the length of this project is estimated at two years.  How they came to two unknown.

Why he came out to discuss this?  I suspect that a number of people knew of the original plan and were a bit shocked when this refugee housing thing came up.  So it had to be explained in some public setting and in some way.....blame had to be put back off the city itself......and onto the state.

The return to the student housing plan?  Maybe in a couple of years when this has all reversed.....the property will go back to the original purpose.

One should note.....there's still intense pressure on the city.  I noticed the Linke Party folks from Wiesbaden have been very critical of the city because there's not that many affordable housing/apartments being planned on the construction schedule.  Publicly, this got brought up this week.  The city also admits they are looking for rentable or buyable properties around town to convert to refugee usage.....and not having much luck.

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