Friday, November 6, 2015


In German, the word for Shenanigans is Spielereien (die), which tends to mean that a game was played and it was somewhat of a hoax, and people caught onto the event.

Well, we have this scandal brewing in Hessen (my local state).  I hate to refer to it as a scandal (compared to Stuttgart-21, BER, VW, the Ramstein Hotel, and dozens of other real scandals).  But in Hessen, we are desperate for scandal and this works.

So every year....up in Bad Hersfeld, they hold a artistic festival, with plays performed, and thousands of people showing up.  It's a big draw for the locals.  They went big-time a few years ago and started spending a fair amount of city draw bigger crowds, and increase the cashflow.

Well.....last years was a significant loss.  No one says much on the reason.  It might have been bad weather for the week, fewer people drinking or eating, or maybe just a lousy show schedule.

So the city council sat down and discussed the limited funds, and decided to cut or freeze 175,000 Euro. They refer to it as a 'de facto spending freeze',

This naturally got the organizers of the fest disturbed and ticket sales are canceled right now while folks figure out some game plan to get around this shortfall of 175,000 Euro.

Somewhere in the midst of a recommendation for an audit.  The length of time for the audit?  Unknown.

While all of this was being discussed at the meeting.....things appear to have gotten a bit heated and words were spoken.

At some point.....shenanigans (the word) was uttered.

In Ireland, this is typically where people jump up....stomp the feet....get all frustrated....and "hell" gets uttered a few times.

Shenanigans usually means that corruption of some type was practiced (by some guilty or naive party) and you can't be sure of anything....even an audit.

Also against the background of this episode is the outspoken director of the festival.....Dieter a bit dramatic in acting and in real life.  He wasn't pleased with the potential budget cut and the council's action of an audit.....with time running out for the city of Bad Hersfeld to mount some type of production schedule.  Wedel made one threat of possibly resigning......which would likely throw the whole thing out of 2016 at this point.

Bad Hersfeld, population of 30,000, is mostly known for the fest, and it's wellness centers.  

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