Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Dutch Legal View

Germans have been looking over at the issue of failed or rejected asylum-seekers.....and what to do if they won't leave.  Opposition groups have even said it's not right to send someone out in the midst of winter.....or in the midst of a school-year.  Some failed individuals have said they refuse to leave....while others just quietly sneak out the gate and leave....with no idea where they went (obviously not back to the original country).

I noticed in European news today.....out of the Netherlands.....a Dutch court stood up and said it was totally legal for the Dutch government to withhold food and shelter to rejected asylum-seekers.

A tough reading?  Generally.....whenever anyone has failed the asylum process in Europe (no matter what country is involved).....opposition groups or rights foundations have stood up and challenged via the court system.....dragging out the process.  Currently, Germany has one American on an appeal process which has gone up to almost seven years where he want asylum and they just won't approve his documentation.

At some point in the next year.....because of increasing friction from the state elections in 2016....I expect Germans to edge toward this same tougher stance.  Oddly, I think in the German situation....the failed asylum crowd will simply walk out the gate and go off to relatives in the German countryside and just try to stay hid-out....taking jobs on the 'black' and trying to make it without a legit visa. It ought to be impossible and most Germans will say that they just don't run that type of third-world country where people can 'hide'.  Between the lines, if you listen to comments by the authorities....they are well past the point of admitting thousands have entered the country and skipped registration (they already know there's a problem brewing).

As for the accusation against the Dutch of cruel treatment?  At some point, you have to ask why 'no' doesn't mean 'no' like you'd expect and why there was no 'plan B' in the mix of things.

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