Monday, November 30, 2015

The "No" Vote

They had a vote up in Hamburg yesterday.....over the potential application for the 2024 Olympics for the city of Hamburg.  Basically, it failed (51.6-percent against the idea).

Reason?  Twenty years administrators and politicians would have gone out on the limb and just applied without consulting the public.  They would have signed up for massive loans and construction projects.  After the Olympics wrapped up.....some audit guy would stand up and say that the city lost over a billion Euro, and there would be major fallout over who approved what.

So to avoid the fallout.....politicians got around to the idea of discussing this in public and having an orderly vote.  Naturally, there is a "for" group and an "NO" group.  With social media in full swing, it's fairly easy to talk in the public arena and get people pumped up one way or another.

The problem now?  There's a fair trend going on and I think it'd be impossible for any German city to find enthusiasm now for applying for either the summer or winter Olympics.

Roughly 650,000 people showed up to vote in the Hamburg election....which is a significant number if you think about it.  Here in the Christmas season.....winter in the balance....yet 650,000 showed up on a Sunday to vote.

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