Monday, December 28, 2015

A SPD Statement Countering Merkel Today

I don't watch that much of NTV (the German commercialized news channel)....but they carried a piece today with the former bigwig of the SPD Party.....Peer Steinbruck.  He ran against Chancellor Merkel in the last election (2013).

Most would consider him a smart political figure who calls it as he see the situation.

Today, Steinbruck noted in an interview on NTV that when it comes down to the current German immigration's a failure.

Between the open borders and the Merkel vision ahead....he notes there's no control and no way of managing the situation.  At some point, he cuts loose with the quote:  "Coping with the refugee crisis, Germany must set priorities: the right of asylum, those who are politically persecuted and refugees from war zones must be included, but do not have a permanent right to stay."

It's probably the first time from the SPD side of politics that someone made a harsh and blunt statement over the situation.  A sign of a shift to SPD politics.....with the three state elections unfolding across Germany?  Maybe.

The odd thing would be in three state elections (slated for mid-March).....having both the CDU and SPD conduct a major election theme....against Merkel's strategy.  The state-run news media would be thrown into a fit trying to explain this to the public.

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