Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Trump Presidency and Germany

About four months ago....the German state-run TV news folks finally came out and noted that Donald Trump was among the top three Republican candidates and attracting some attention.  For about half of Germany....this was the first time that they'd heard anything much about the impending primary period in the US.  The piece done was more of a comical and amateur-journalist episode than anything else.

Time has passed, and over the past couple of days....there's been a few more updates relating to the primary period (we are within 30 days now).  Trump will likely come in first place on a couple of the primaries and German state-run news is preparing the public for the possible outcome of an election.....where Hillary Clinton meets Donald Trump in November and there's this element of Trump winning.  Naturally, it's a terrible thing for least what they hint.

Trump isn't the intellectural-Nobel Prize winning-wizard-like genius that Germans had in President Obama.   I myself....probably would need several stiff cocktails to think like a German over this imaginary Presidency that they've watched for seven years.

At best, President Obama got a blank-check view for roughly eighteen months before the German state-news system started to wake up and do some critical commentary over the President and his handling of world affairs. Ever since 2013 and Snowden's NSA episode.....there's been a slam or two every single month over different issues that have come up.  The use of the 'dream-president' angle now and the devastation to come with a potential President Trump.....kinda makes one laugh.

If you started back in spring of 2015 and reviewed the total collection of dimwits, fakes, and wannabe political figures running for President (both parties) had almost twenty-five people in the running, and at least ten fairly popular candidates near the top.  The problem is.....none of them really fit into the mold (part-time entertainer, part-time politician, part-time whiner, part-time enthusiast, part-time statesman, part-time-world affairs host, and part-time leader).

In Trump, the public has accepted President Obama's dozen-odd appearances on various comedy shows as part of the entertainer status of the job.  Trump is a first-class it makes perfect sense to view him as a legit replacement for President Obama.  If the job were a fairly serious job.....then Trump might not have been elevated to such a degree.....but things are this way because the public accepted 'change'.

I see three things coming in Germany if a Trump Presidency arrives in January of 2017.

First, the German state-run TV news empire will perform like a circus clown operation....determined to paint down a Trump-period as negative and the end of statesman-like character and civilization (similar to the dozen other end-of-civilization episodes that they've done over the past couple of years).

Second, the next round of Snowden-NSA revelations will if magically released.   Some in Germany will ask where they came from, or why just now and not in 2014 or 2015 or 2016.  It'll be the kind of revelations that will sour US-German relations to another degree, and likely turn into some marginal campaign topic for the November 2017 German election.  It'll be done in some way to make it an election of a German leader against Trump.  In past elections in would have worked.....the main theme of the 2017 national election is immigration. So the revelations might be worthless.

Third, a herd of German intellectuals will crowd around and talk up ethical boundaries, statesmanship, professional politicians, and worldly leadership.....which they will proclaim Trump as a failure.  The problem is that German society and culture has become a bit sarcastic and cynical, and they will ask if the intellectuals themselves have turned into a failure.  When your critical thinking skills turn into a fifth-grade play-ground episode and your reasoning ability is just an exercise in being snide and childish....your respect dissolves.

If a Trump presidency'll have some effect upon Germany.  It's just a question of who will be at the end of this effect.

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