Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Viewing

Back around twelve years ago....I got into a discussion one day after the Christmas holidays with another American over the topic of what Germans put on TV for the evening of the 24th and the 25th of December.

Typically, in the'd have a dozen-odd Christmas movies or cartoons.  It'd be something that all ages of the family could generally watch.

In's a different story.

Off state-run TV, for the had a concert show, a Father Brown murder mystery, a Charles Dickens feature, the Little Nutcracker musical, and five or six oddball Christmas musical specials.

Off commercial TV, for the had Kevin Alone (I and II), Despicable Me (the cartoon), a 1950's Miss Marple murder mystery, the Amazing Spiderman movie, a unicorn cartoon, Thor, Terminator, the Richie Rich movie, and the Tudors mini-series.

Off state-run TV, for the night of the 25th.....a Santa krimi movie, a Helene Fisher musical piece (non-Christmas music), two Tatorts (a cop murder mystery series), and another Father Brown murder mystery.

Off commercial TV, for the 25....Despicable me (number II), the Hobbit, Ice Age the movie, Men in Black 3, Robin Hood, Man of Steel, and Rambo III.

If it sounds like a weak choice of Christmas-theme shows....well....yeah, it is.  Around the late 1990's, I sat one evening and remember have around six different Terminator or Rocky movies on Christmas eve.

The general explanation is that most Germans have 'other' things going on and there's a fairly weak audience sitting at home and watching TV.....mostly fifteen to thirty years old....which means action-theme shows are the drawing card for viewers.

At least tonight, the 26th, we'll have the German version of the Love Boat, Beverly Hills Cops II, and Pacific Rim (an action theme movie).

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