Tuesday, December 8, 2015

German Blunt Talk

Last week....the German BND (their version of the CIA) came out and made a highly unusual statement....pointing bluntly at Saudi Arabia and noting their 'fingers' upon the issues that exist in the Middle East today and probably to include ISIS support.

It was the kind of statement that you'd expect from some political leader or some intellectual speaking at some forum.....but this came from the German secret service itself.  On a list of a thousand things you'd expect in Germany.....this would be like number 10,000 itself.  So, it's a pretty rare event when they were this blunt and in a public statement to the news media.

So, this weekend came.....and another shocker statement.  This time....the SPD party leader....Sigmar Gabriel.....came out and pointed directly at Saudi Arabia and noted that their support to radical groups and extremist mosques in Germany has to end.

If you were looking for a scripted theme, with the BND speaking one day, and a few days later.....the SPD chief doing the same.....this fits.

I suspect over the past couple of months....the Germans have finally opened up the door to daily operations of the thugs running around and noted that there's some tendency to be related to Wahhabi form of Islam out of Saudi Arabia.  Either through funding or Wahhabi-enthusiasts in the middle of recruitment drives or kindling frustrations into some physical act of terrorism.....there's an element connecting the Saudis to various problems.

Is this a hint from the Germans or just a political statement?  One might take a guess that the BND doesn't get political.  And if the BND were voicing a concern or 'warning'.....it might be one of those moments when you realize there's a thousand things that the BND could do to make things tough or miserable for some elements of a non-German society.  If this were from Gabriel alone....it'd be political in nature.  That's not the case.

This might be one of those things to sit back and observe.

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