Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New in My Neighborhood

The village over on the other side of my hill has finally gone and added a public battery-car-charger.

I stood there yesterday.....admiring the little box.  It's basically two parking spots with a box that you can swipe your credit car and plug the cable into your car battery deal.  Prices aren't noted and I have no idea of what they charge per-hour.

It is about a mile off the autobahn, and next to a coffee shop or two.  I'd take a guess that it was a city-funded project and part of some state package you could take advantage of for public purposes.

From an American's prospective of enthusiasm and pace of adaption....I would suggest that a quarter of all German cars will be battery-powered by 2025.  No one has said how the electrical industry will cope with the increased need for power.

What will be noted as time passes....is that gas stations will begin to decrease in number.  I'll go ahead and predict by 2030 that half the gas stations within a thirty-minute drive of my house will be shut down.  Simply from fewer gas stations being available.....will be the secondary push for people to go battery-powered, and dump the gas or diesel car.

The secondary sales market for cars?  Germany is a bit unique.  A guy will take his seven to ten year old car and sell it for roughly 1,500 Euro easily.  This car will be around for another dozen years as some cheapo-car for someone.  But a battery-powered car?  Every time the discussion comes up about disposal of these large batteries.....it's a fair sum of money.  Who'd want to go out and buy a used battery-car.....to discover nine months later that this battery is shot and has to be disposed of (3-4 thousand Euro) and a new battery procured (2-4 thousand Euro)?

I'll probably live long enough to watch this whole thing unfold and a bold new driving experience occur.

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