Tuesday, December 1, 2015

On the Subject of Wolves

Wolves get brought up occasionally now in Germany.

For roughly a hundred years....the Germans had finished off the wolf population and folks were 'secure'.  And now?  The wolf is making a comeback within the rural sections of Germany.

This week, down along Merklingen in Alb-Donau-Kreis.....some individuals noted a carcass along side the road.  Cops came out....it was a young wolf.

The news folks noted from the local region's history....the last wolf reported in Wurttemberg was in 1847.

Generally, the news media is in overdrive.....trying to label the return of the wolf population as a positive.  Farmers aren't exactly buying into the 'nice-wolf' label.

This all runs along the lines of the Bruno-the-bear episode from 2006....where the news media and pro-animal folks tried to paint Bruno as a 'good-bear', and in the end....the state decided there was no such things as a 'good-bear' and Germany endeared a six-week soap-like epic adventure with Bruno being hunted down and killed.

In some ways, I expect the wolf episode to eventually flip and some significant hunting effort will be done to downsize the wolf population in Germany.

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