Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Person of the Year: Merkel

Time announced their Person of the Year....Chancellor Angela Merkel won.

Generally, up until summer of 2014.....if you stepped into a pub with a hundred German guys....more than seventy percent would have been either supportive or neutral over Merkel.  Ten percent of the folks might have been extremely negative.  You can find SPD members who at least accepting of her skills and political charm....mostly because they remember their guy Gerhard Schroeder and his behavior.

Things change though.

So we come to the summer of 2015, and a fair number of people are either negative or neutral about the Chancellor now.  I'd take a guess and say about fifty percent of the nation has fallen into this stance over Merkel.  Even with her own CDU Party.....less than half really like the immigration policy and where it's going.  For the March election if three German states....the CDU candidates are having to talk negative to keep their voters in line.

The national election is still eighteen months away, and one must admit that this period of time has shown one remarkable feat.....few if any scandals.  She's been careful to fire anyone that showed issues, and brought the right people in when public statements had to be made to gain support.

The German news media have put up a ton of charm and support over the past year with the immigration episode and decisions made by Merkel.  Even with the issues revolving around the nuclear waste episode....Merkel has been able to avoid negative press.

So, if you asked me if she earned the title of Time's Person of the Year.....I'd probably say yes.....but roughly a third of all Germans would be discontent over the title and honor.

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