Sunday, December 20, 2015


I have been on holiday the last NY I've come back.

Rarely do we have shootings in Germany, but this past week.....we had this episode unfold up in Koblenz where a German guy was shot in the leg.

All the cops will say is that a guy was delivered to a local hospital and was not in terrible danger.  There apparently was a long-winded discussion between several German guys (all older guys over forty apparently), and the climax of the discussion was one guy pulling a gun and shooting a 53-year old guy in the leg.

The shooter?  He just walked away.  No one apparently knew the guy and you can't be sure that he was a local guy.  Or at least that's the story that the cops are saying.

A rough neighborhood?  Well, no......this entire region is considered a wine-type area and it's not where rough characters or thugs hang out.....that's what doesn't make any sense.

The odd thing?  None of the witnesses (at least four gentlemen) want to discuss the matter with the police.  Either they fear the shooter, or felt some pressure to avoid cooperation.

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