Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Potential Banning of a Party

Yesterday, the German court system announced that it would a review of the radicalized National Democratic Party (NPD) of Germany.....possibly banning it entirely.

None of this would occur quickly....they wouldn't even open the hearing process of this until sometime in March of 2016.

To best describe the NPD.....it was a party that came out of the early 1960s in Germany....a successor to the older DRP which was a leftover from the Nazi era.  For the German political system.....it's fairly hinged to Nazi platforms of the 1930s.

They do believe the former land areas of Germany before the war....ought to be brought back into Germany.  They believe in a great deal of government ownership.  They believe in Germany for Germans.

Politically, in terms of actual membership.....the best they can do is around 7,000 to 8,000 members across Germany itself.  In voting patterns.....if you go into the eastern side of the country....they had shown the ability to get more than five-percent of the regional vote easily over the past decade.

The Constitutional Court (out of Karlsruhe) has an open view on this.  No reasons were given to hearing the case, and this has been done before and the court about a decade ago said 'no'....the party could not be banned.

What has been said in the press is that if the court finds the party to be fascist.....then it could be banned. In some ways though......if they reach the point of banning the party based purely upon the fascist idea.....it opens up the door about other parties and it invites more discussions.

How to recognize a fascist?  Well....it's not that simple....but there are roughly seven generally accepted platforms or tendencies.

First, there's always symbolic slogans, songs or public themes.  A lot of parties do this....so it's not an end-all method of identification.

Second.  If you are a fascist......you generally feel a need to avoid human or civil rights at various times.  There's this problem that arises, and you quickly note that such-and-such liberty that you had....needs to be suspended.  You kinda repeat that often.

Third.  It's hard to find a fascist movement without a guy in charge.  If you look through the top fifty members of some fascist organization......there might be one single female.

Fourth.  For every single problem, there is a fall guy.  there has to be a continual threat going on.....a bad guy in the shadows....some thug....some religious group....some political ideology.....that you need to blame for causing the problem.

Fifth.  It's hard to find a fascist regime who doesn't maintain absolute control over the news media.  They might manipulate the owners of the media, or they might have their own people in charge of the media.

Sixth.  Fascists hate free expression and balanced discussions.  They hate university professors, intellectuals, and open dialog.  There's a theme to each discussion and you can only carry out a discussion with that theme in mind.  Debate in fascist terms....is not possible.

Seventh.  In a fascist world....each day starts with a chaotic threat to the government, and each day ends with some threat (either perceived or actual) still continuing.  It's like an episode of Days of Our Lives soap-opera.....the story can't just end.....a solution cannot be found....life must continue tomorrow with the threat to the government.  If you look at some radical religious theme existing today....this one characteristic is popular with most of them.

So the Constitutional Court will hear the case....look at the characteristics of the NPD and make this decision to ban them.

Naturally, you know the drill.....once banned....they will meet, shake hands, and create a whole new party out of thin air and spend a decade reinventing the old party under a new name and pretend to be non-fascist.

Why all of this activity and the potential banning?  Fear.  Politicians fear a lot of things, and the NPD and potential to get into state politics of some German state appears to be enough to warrant this court hearing.  With all the chaos going on with immigration....the NPD might be able to make a stand in some eastern section of Germany and get more than twenty-percent of the vote....out of fear or frustration with the current theme or direction of things.

Maybe nationally, they aren't a big deal....but once established in some German state....it might become an eventual national issue.  So, that's how we get from point A to point B.

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