Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another German Poll

It is the political season in Germany.....which means polls are done now on a weekly basis by various organizations.

I noticed in this morning's German BILD reporting that the news poll has been released.

Merkel's CDU Party barely sits at 34-percent.

The SPD Party sits at 24-percent.

The Linke Party has 10-percent.  The Greens are at 9-percent. The FDP Party at 5-percent.

As for the AfD Party (the anti-immigration party)....they jumped two points over the ten days, and today sit at 12-percent.

I should note that BILD says this was a national poll, so it doesn't center on the three German states in a political charged situation and March elections looming.

Part of this trend is due to more public state-run TV political chat forums. They may not invite AfD to every single forum.....but the chief topic of the public is presently immigration and asylum.....with safety and security as the secondary subject.  With either topic.....AfD gets more attention.

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