Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another Rail Option?

Today, locally, it got brought up on the Hessen state-run news (HR).....a local train trip from Frankfurt to 22 Euro.

I sat there kinda amazed because it'd typically cost you around 100-to-120 Euro one-way, unless you got some spring-time special or you used some 50-percent off Bahn Card.

So, there's the deal.  This private company....having no connection to Bahn....has gotten the funding from the public to buy a train, and run one round-trip a day from Stuttgart to Frankfurt, and then onto Berlin, and back after 3PM....getting back to Frankfurt around 7:30PM.

You'd leave around 8:30 in the morning out of Frankfurt and make the trip to Berlin in roughly four hours (well, they claim that).  They would have some deal to ride on Bahn's rails and pay something (no one says how much).

The name?  Locomore.

It'd make the run from Stuttgart to Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Hanau, Fulda, and Kassel and then onto Berlin.

They claim 'green-power', along with healthy food (organic anyway).  No one says how many many passengers might be possible....or if reservations might be possible.

More trains later? gets mentioned but it's really up to how many ride this train and it's success.

The thing is.....when you get down to forty-four Euro round-trip (Frankfurt to Berlin) starts to interest a lot of people.  You could jump into some last minute trip to Berlin for two days....see some opera....and for two people make the trip for 88 Euro.  The Bahn folks would want 300 Euro minimum.  All of this would generate more tourism for Berlin, and it's hotel industry.

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