Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If An Election Were Today

I noticed in Bild this morning (I hate admitting that I pay attention to the German daily newspaper but a majority of Germans do read it).....that they did a new political poll.  I think it's a regular thing now with Bild and checking the progression of politics in Germany.

So, the CDU remains at the previous point...32.5 percent.

The SPD took 23 percent and the Greens 10 percent.

The AfD (anti-immigrant stance)?  Thirteen percent.....a rise of a point or two over the last month.

The poll was conducted over the last five days and involved an interview session with at least 2,000 adult Germans.

Between now and the mid-March state elections (3 x states), I'd expect the AfD number to go up another two to three percent nationally.  This will present more pressure and stress on Berlin to find an adequate solution or plan to convince the public of some type of control over the immigration business.

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