Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Koln and 2016 Karneval

I sat down last night and read through my copy of the Wall Street Journal.  In the international section.....they had this one story over Koln.....which I sat and read through.....then sat and pondered over it for a while.

The WSJ writer has a good bit of insight over Koln, politics, and the events unfolding there.  Evidently, over the weekend....the mayor and city council sat down to review the approaching fasching season (Karneval).  There are some fears of how refugees, Pegida demonstrations, and public perceptions might go astray.

You see, there's this one accepted habit in Koln during this festive season.....women kissing men on the street.  There is this practice where a guy wears a tie on Thursday, and women have the privilege of cutting the tie in half......which they compensate the guy for the cut-tie with a kiss.  

There is some fear that between alcohol, and poor understanding of the festive period.....that things will get out of hand.  Frankly, the mayor and the city council can't afford a repeat of the 31st.

So, they've decided to create posters, hand-outs for refugee centers, and some type of pointy-talkies (my word for cards which will be distributed) various encourage participation but to limit bad behavior.

It's hard to imagine this public relations activity having much success.  You'd have to make the posters in Arabic....which would just fan the flames on public perception of a particular group.

My guess is that hundreds of police will be brought in from the region and stationed around the city to react in case things go wrong.

If you were looking for a trigger to cause massive public negativity.....the actions at this Koln Karneval will be place to watch.  By the time you add in drunken Germans and immigrants, pickpock thieves, German men dressed as women, extreme leftists, vigilante groups who vow non-violence as a theme, Pegida members, hooligans from the left and right, doped-up techno dimwits on ecstasy, women in harlot clothing, and hyped-up's bad mixture.

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