Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Koln Cops Looking For a Guy

UPDATE 2: Well....an amusing note on the guy.....somewhere in this process....the ammounium nitrate was to be used in the manufacture of drugs....so say the cops to journalists now.  I'm not into the drug scene.....but typically could use this nitrate to make meth.  So a Turkish or Arab "Walter White" might exist.

UPDATE: The guy noted his picture and came forward to the Koln cops.  So far, it appears that he did have a legit requirement for the nitrate. Scare factor lessens now.

When you go back to the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995....one of the key elements of the bombing was ammounium nitrate.  Few people remember that part of the bombing....which killed 168 people.

Today....Koln cops put out a guy's picture and are asking people to ID the guy.  He's bought an exception amount of the same material, and there is this suspicion that maybe it's for a bomb.

You see.....he walked into a regional hardware store, and bought an large amount of ammounium nitrate.  More than you'd use on a typical home lawn or garden area.  Normally, no one would say much....except a day later when this topic of the large sale came up and the clerk noted to the boss....the guy was Arab, well......it kinda got people worried.

Now, maybe he is a Muslim guy, and just working on plot of land which is just exceptionally large.  Maybe it''s just getting worried over nothing.

But we've got Rose Montag and the parade coming up in Koln in a matter of two weeks.  Cops aren't saying that they will cancel the parade....because if they cross that line....it'll really be serious consequences for the CDU Party and Chancellor Merkel that the bad guys were able to trigger such a negative episode and threat.

The cops just say they'd like to find him.  They put the picture on TV, and gave a fair description of the guy.  The picture....I will admit....is crap.  It's too grainy.

For information purposes....when McVeigh bought the material for his Oklahoma City bombing.....he bought 40 bags of ammounium nitrate....fifty pounds each (23 kg).  No one says much over how much this German guy bought and I seriously doubt that he walked out with the same quantity (he would have required a decent truck and that doesn't appear to be the case) .

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