Sunday, January 24, 2016

More on Plan B

More got dumped today on the "Plan B" (referred to as the A2 plan) that CDU's candidate in the Pfalz campaign (Klockner) is talking about.

It is referred to as a blueprint for a national change regarding immigration and asylum in Germany.

So, you start off with a cap or limit.  They avoid saying the magic number....mostly because I think the public would still be shocked if you said the number was 600,000 or more.  Remember, before 2013....the normal refugee/immigration/asylum number was roughly 250,000 per year.

Then as item number'd have German-Austrian border control centers.  They'd be actually buildings and have dedicated people sitting there around the clock.

The centers would revolve around registration, health checks, an itiial examination of the application, and distribution.  They'd also fail people and send them on their journey back to their country.

Additional elements of this would revolve around such centers being built in Syria, Iraq and Turkey.  The plan doesn't say that they'd fly the passed individuals out of the region.....but one would assume that since you've set up a center there.....there must be some type of transportation mechanism in the works.

Then you come to this interesting element.  They'd build the quotas around humanitarian particularly valued candidates....unaccompanied kids, the sick, women with families but a dead husband, endangered minorities (Iraqi and Syrian Christians) would get top priority.  These single guys who've shown from North Africa and various other locations?  They'd be shown the door quickly.

Avoiding the magical number for quotas each month or the problem with the plan so far.

The selling point of the plan?  It revolves around you having to come via the border point.  If you tried to sneak through and just get registered later.....I get the impression that they'd put you on a bus and bring down to Bavaria or some crossing point, and put you into a camp.  You'd do the paperwork, and face the risk of immediate deportation.  The negative crowd would probably like that idea.  But the 'Gut-German' crowd would be disheartened over this deal and the idea that you'd fail a guy in a matter of a couple of hours without what they perceive as a fair review (meaning a 90-percent pass rate).

Presently though.....there's is no plan B, and the SPD serious jeopardy with their voters....might be willing to accept the plan with some minor modifications.

My thinking is that the growing AfD Party numbers (10-percent across the nation now, and potentially 15-to-18 vote tally in March's three elections) causing worry.

If you tossed on some anti-Burka talk.....the CDU might be able to reclaim a lot of their voting base.  And the cream on this deal?  Klockner gains political power and probably becomes the CDU candidate in the spring of 2017 for Chancellor (Nov 2017 election at the federal level).

I's a complex mess and no one can show any decent fix to the problem.  But plan it is referred better than nothing.

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