Friday, January 15, 2016

Political Projection for Baden-Wurttemberg's State Election

SWR, the regional state-run network for BW put up their latest polling data for the projection of the mid-March election talk.

Presently, the CDU Party in BW is rated at 35-percent (having lost two percent over the last month).

The SPD Party is rated at 15-percent (having lost three percent over the last month).

The Green Party is rated at 28-percent (having gained three percent over the last month).

The AfD Party (anti-immigration theme) is rated at 10-percent (gaining two percent over the past month).

The FDP Party is rated at 6-percent.  All other parties are less than five percent and will have no expected climb over the next couple of weeks.

Shockers?  None.  There is a continuing downward trend for the CDU, and they might actually fall five or six more points before the election.  The SPD might also see another point or two loss.

All of this for the normal big-winners....means upward movement for the Greens and the AfD.  There's only a seven point difference between the Greens and CDU.  Why such a big Green enthusiasm trend in BW?  The Stuttgart-21 episode really worked to a political advantage for the Greens.....hurting both the SPD and CDU enthusiasts.

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