Friday, January 15, 2016

Political Projection for Rhineland Pfalz March State Election

SWR gave a political analysis and number piece out today.

The current trend, as reported:

The CDU Party in R-P is 37-percent.

The SPD Party in R-P is 31-percent.

The Green Party in R-P is 9-percent.

The AfD Party in R-P is 8-percent.

The Linke and FDP Parties in R-P are 5-percent each.

The CDU is running a strong candidate, who is delivering a anti-Merkel type theme.....which is helping them a bit.  It is strictly a race between the CDU and SPD presently.

The chief speech that helps the CDU?  The state folks say they want to ban facial coverings which would be a anti-Muslim thing.  Even if they win.....they have to partner with someone who'd be in agreement with them to get this passed, and it's zero-percent chance that will occur (don't tell that to R-P voters though).  

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