Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Antifa

Antifa gets rarely mentioned on German state-run news, and it's a term that probably ninety-percent of German society can't readily define.

It's a whipped-up political agenda....that is anti-Fascist, anti-fascism, anti-nationalism, and anti-Nazi in nature.  They focus on politicians, university students, and the intellectual crowd to carry their message across to the public, via national news and chat forums.

This would be a group that would tell you of their great transparency, and dedication to civilization.  At the point where you start asking indepth questions and getting into the focus of the agenda....the conversation would probably start to become quiet because you really don't need to understand that part of the 'gimmick'.

The Antifa crowd analyzes the spectrum and will eventually list the dynamics and 'points' of their target.....then build talking points, dispute aids for public moments, and lead conversations, debates and forums against what appears to be a harsh right-wing extremist agenda.

At some point about eleven years ago in Germany....the CDU/CSU coalition stood up and asked some questions about German federal funding being used to support BNR....a German focus group which published weekly reports and focused on what they considered to be right-wing extremists in Germany.

I looked up the BNR episode from 2004.  Funding typically ran to roughly 50,000 DM a year (roughly $25,000).  I admit....it's not much, but then what exactly is the government paying for or supporting....probably was the trigger question in this discussion.

Why bring up Antifa now?  One might sit there and look at their agenda and ask if they would go out....put on a fake Pegida agenda, throws rocks and stones at cops, and give the impression that Pegida was violent or hooligan in terms of nature?

It is a brilliantly-created stage production....when you can claim some righteous cause, fight fascism, work religiously against racism, stand against the xenophobic crazed people, dominate a public debate forum with character and flavor.....ensuring a noble, moral and just victory.   The only issue is that it might be fake, and in the end.....there is no dignified or laudable triumph.

All of this puts the common man down into a pit where he has to spend a lot of time listening to a discussion.....ask pretty stupid questions at times.....and possibly reach a point where he tells the antifa-host that his argument is comical and without logic.   As much as you need to safeguard against extreme right-wing behavior.....you have to safeguard against extreme left-wing behavior as well.    

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