Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Brother-Sister Story

Frankfurt cops have updated their story over the Syrian woman stabbed a couple of days ago.

The general story is that there was a family argument going on.  The two guys involved in the stabbing?  Brothers of the deceased Syrian woman.  The two brothers are 21 and 26 years old.

Cops had been looking for them, and eventually cornered them in a taxi in the Trier area yesterday afternoon.

The key phrase used by the cops?  "Family-honor".

The minute you say revolves the Middle East tradition of women upholding to some family decision or concept of honor.  As long as the woman cooperates and obeys....she lives.  If she violates the family honor or tradition.....she dies.

There's been a number of family-honor killings or attempted-killings over the past decade in Germany, and it's noted in the news every few months.  Germans know about the concept and are disgusted with the behavior.  It doesn't matter if it gets included in integration still survives on.  Even if you threaten a guy ahead of time and note it'll bring twenty-plus years in doesn't have an effect on these guys.

The story will go into a quiet mode least for six to nine months as they prepare for legal proceedings in Frankfurt.  Half the public will forget about the episode.  Eventually, the court will sort through this and listen to the defense explain how the sister had violated family tradition or decisions, and the young men acted impulsively without thinking.  The judge will just nod his head.....wrap up a guilty decision, and send the two brothers off to prison for roughly twenty years.

It'll have no effect on the public.....the Middle-Eastern families living in Germany.....or influence any change in behavior with these thug-like guys.  You'd almost have to have a brain-washing episode for the young guys affected by this behavior....dragging them into some boot-camp atmosphere for a month and rebuild their thinking process from the ground up.  

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