Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why the Left Doesn't Sell Well in the Western Side of Germany

After the wall came down in Germany....the Communist Party ended up reforming itself and selling itself across Germany as the Linke Party.

If you took a general poll today....the Linke Party does well in the old DDR area of Germany, but really hasn't gone much past the seven-percent point of west German states.

The big theme?  I noticed in local news a big meeting of the Linke Party in the Pfalz area yesterday.  Folks are getting excited there over the mid-March state election.  The chief topics?  Free public transportation and redistribution of wealth.

Generally, if you brought up free transportation....most Germans would then ask....who would pay for it?  Once that question gets thrown out there.....they take about three minutes to analyze and come to the eventual the tax-payer would pay.  Whatever you think the total cost of a day's free travel would be....over a'd be paying in taxation.  So go and figure for a family of'd have to pay at least 700 Euro more (minimum) to cover what you'd typically pay for regular mass transit travel.

So as much as people grin as they say free public's really not free.

As for redistribution of wealth?  That generally requires more than three minutes to analyze.  After about an hour, you reach two critical questions.  Who is the guy in the middle who determines the taxation and distribution methods?  If you disagreed with the guy in the fast could you fire the guy?  Once you answer these two discussion on redistribution of wealth kinda evaporates.

Some 'gate-keeper' ends up with an impossible job of minding the store and ensuring that redistribution is always 'fair'.  In the end....fairness starts to become a manipulation tool and you can't be very transparent about the whole system.  If some idiot wants to only install 999-Euro park benches in the city park, from a particular vendor....the gate-keeper is influenced by greed in some fashion.

I do enjoy the socialist talk and chatter....because somewhere in the midst of hundred stupid ideas of big-time Communism or big-tent socialism.....there will be ten good ideas.  I admit....they may need a bit of evolution and modification.....but they will accidentally come upon something that people will support to some degree.

The thing about the national agenda Linke Party is that they have Sara Wagenknecht to appear in public forums, and she's fairly clever and smart.  Beyond's hit and miss, and across Germany....especially in the western side, it's been mostly miss for the past decade.

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